Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lifetime Movie Review - Blindsided

First off, I gotta start by saying that it looks like Lifetime is rolling out some good movies this year which is really good considering that I didn't watch much last year.

If you haven't seen Blindsided, you can see the movie description here.

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My Review:

The movie started off with a photographer (Sara) taking photos in a war zone. (Um, does this really happen, because that just looked dangerous?) Anyway, she becomes permanently blind due to a suicide bombing and then we are introduced to her boyfriend Ryan. Ryan has a penthouse. Ryan seems like a gentleman. But Ryan, apparently, stole money from two criminals. One of the criminals breaks into the penthouse, kills Ryan and proceeds to terrorize Sara - blind, helpless Sara. He wants her to tell him where the money is. She, of course, has no idea what they're talking about. 

An hour into the movie, the criminals find the money. Boom, movie should be over, right?


They pretend to leave, but hang around the penthouse because they are looking for something else that Ryan stole - diamonds. So the rest of the movie is basically a blind woman being terrorized by men who thinks she knows where these mysterious diamonds are.

The first thirty minutes of the movie were the best thirty minutes. The rest was just blah. I don't find much entertainment in two men terrorizing a blind woman (or any woman) but especially a blind one. That's just wrong. And one of the men even threw the woman's cat off the balcony. (Poor Shadow).

In the end, the criminals turn on each other. (Like we didn't see that coming.) And maybe Sara knows about the diamonds than she leads on...hmm...

I'll give it 2 out of 5 stars. At least it started out good. What did you think about this movie? Leave a comment.


4 Stylish Comments:

  1. The plot is ridiculous. Why kill the person who has the answers, the real thief, and then terrorise the person less likely to have the answers? Makes no sense to me.

  2. Oooooh, I was waiting and hoping by now someone else would have commented or critiqued this movie... I did find it ALARMING and DISTURBING.... A blind woman terrorized in her home for something she knew nothing about. And it was unrealistic... Of course, I'm glad she "wins" in the end and the two thugs are dead. But come on! How can she successfully scare, much less shoot Hollander when she can't see him ??? Early in the movie, Chad manages to break through her window before she can contact the cops on her voice activated email message on her laptop.... But she is able to "blindside" him, knock him to the floor and out-run him, down a good 14 flights of stairs...until of course, she mistakenly believes she's met a cop or prosecutor who can help her, only to find out he's Chad's partner in crime.... And how can she RUN down several flights of stairs when she can't see?? We see her falling once... But she gets up again...And wouldn't she take the elevator instead of 14 flights of stairrs?? Although I know nothing about how the blind get around, I can clearly tell that a voice activated laptop for which to send emergency emails is NOT effective or ANYONE... This is a smart, strong and independent woman who manages to "out-smart" the two hideous, violent socio-paths who come to her house.... Then wouldn't she know that she needs a voice activated cell phone and to call 911? We already see she had a voice activated caller ID when she sits in the park and gets a call from her sister...

    Of course, it's good to see that she's able to "work" individually with each of the two guys while they attempt to find the diamonds hidden somewhere in the penthouse, convincing them both that the other cannot be trusted to "share" his wealth with the other and accept a loss for himself. It doesn't take much to figure out that 2 sociopaths don't care about each other any more than they care about her.

    At the end, she manages to scare and shoot Hollander and throw him off the roof. She's ok. She's recovered the diamonds. And even though the sociopath has thrown her cat off the ledge, we see the cat uninjured walking contentedly over the idiot lying in the pool of blood. Yes, the writers know they gotta put in a "happy ending" at some point.

    But the movie is hideously morbid and alarming.... as well as being completely realistic for many reasons...

    1. Amen!! I like your in-depth review. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this movie alarming! You are right on target.